5Elements Dance with Lene Van Steenwinkel & Dj Neo Rej

5Elements Dance offers shamanic dance journeys which take you into an intimate conversation with your body.

The world music of DJ Neo-Rej will lead you progressively through the 5 elements (Ether, Air, Earth, Fire and Water). Each element will wake up a different energy & give you new insights about your life.

In this eclectic dance journeys facilitator Lene mixes techniques of the east (Tantra, Vipassana, Butoh,
Universal Dances of Peace) and the west (Authentic Movement, Contemporary Dance, Contact Dance,

Dance Expression) with shamanism.  

Ancient wisdom & rhythm of indigenous cultures are brought together to awake our consciousness.
We will dance ourselves into ecstatic states of awareness, release old paradigms and conditioning which no

longer serve us and come in the stillness of our authentic heart.

Lene Van Steenwinkel is a social worker, specialized in community art: expression as a weapon to transform individuals and society. In 2016-2017 she travelled around the world to experience the healing power of dance in different cultures. She danced herself in trance during day-
long rituals with tribes of Vanuatu and received classes from masters in Butoh, Dances of Universal Peace, Haka & Lene is a recognised 5Elements Activation™. Facilitator and followed courses in Tantra (Agama), Trauma Release, Vipassana, Authentic Movement, Contemporary Dance, Contact Dance, Acrodance,
Dance Expression & Celtic Shamanism. Currently she
is studying ‘Dance & Movement Psychotherapy’.

Jeroen Goddeamer collects music since he was 8. No genre is strange to him: In the 90's he listened to Grungerock and danced at rave parties. He started as a Balkan DJ, and played an eclectic mix of folk,
electronic music, jazz, Trip Hop and IDM in dark pubs. Lately he was spotted at a Psychedelic festival in Hungary with an Ambient-Tribal set.

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