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Anoebis is an old school goa-trance and ambient addicted international dj, playing this kind of music as much as possible for people that love to dance hard and float around on classic goa-trance! Anoebis is also the founder of Suntrip Records.
The story of Anoebis starts in 1998. In that year I discovered goa-trance. Immediately I was SO convinced of that music that I bought all the cds I could buy! Pretty soon I had 200 cds which resulted in a first dj-set during newyear 2000.

The first years of the new millennium were hard. Around that period I was one of the last djs playing “melodic goa trance”, the old school style. Because I loved that style so much and it seemed more or less dead, I and a good friend (Mars/Fabien) deceided to start our own music label called Suntrip Records. Not much later melodic goa-trance started to revive in Belgium and some other countries in the world, and this resulted in many parties with only “old /newschool goa-trance” :) This meant little sleep for me, but lots of joy! And for some obscure reasons this love for melodic goa trance continues untill today! Since 2010 my career also exploded more internationally...So I hope many more mindblowing experiences will come soon!
I have checked on how many parties I played by now, and at the end of 2016 I will have played on more or less 550 parties in my life… Mostly in Belgium of course, but last few years a lot in other countries as well... Like Israel, Japan, Brasil, Spain, Finland, Croatia, Serbia, England, France, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Romania & The Netherlands!
Altough I’m doing this for a long time now I still love this music (it’s so deep in my heart, you can not imagine) and I still love dj-ing. Nothing fulfills my heart more then a crowd dancing and smiling in the first rays of sunshine!
Thanks for all the support last 17 years and let’s go for the next 17!

Listen here to Dj Anoebis

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