2 days of ceremonies from around the world

This sacred space will certainly bring you to new vibrations!
Visit th Ceremony Space, where ceremonies, healing through focussed intent and circlework from around the world meet. 

Marijn de Wit and Juanita Pyl



Taki, the Quechua word for 'song'. A series of special concerts that take place in the ceremonial healing setting of the plant medicines. We take you on a musical journey through the rainforest. The energy of the space is processed with icaros, arcanas and spiritsongs. These special melodies carry the frequency to recover, to find peace and to accept, let go, and feel deeper.

Just as with the work with the plant medicines, we work with the energy of the group, for and by each other. There are also moments for individual healings that also work for the entire group. A TAKI evening is therefore not just a concert, but a ceremonial setting, starting with a sub-round to feel each other, which stories enter the room, how are you doing at the moment, etc. Then the water already sung by us is drunk. The water travels through your cells and will be accompanied by the ICAROs and sounds of our musical events for the following hours. All own musical creations.



(New Zealand)

My name is Ruatau Perez and Te Maurea is the development and evolution of my Mahi as a Kaiako and practitioner of Maori healing over the past 17 years. My specialities include Māori Rongoa, romiromi, mirimiri, koomirimiri and whare wananga lore.

I currently run two weekly wananga clinics in Auckland and there are many of my past students practising in Auckland and throughout New Zealand and Australia. Te Maurea is a Karere for upcoming wananga workshops, puure, romiromi and mirimiri clinics.

I was privileged to have trained under Hohepa Delamere affectionately known as Papa Jo for ten years, and have been running his wananga since his untimely passing. Papa Jo was a highly renowned and internationally respected practitioner of Mātauranga and Rongoa Māori. I am proud to contribute to the continuation of his teachings and good works in the hand to hand way that keeps Māori healing alive.




Learn underlying principles and approaches to playing with and consciously moving energy (chi). Get in touch with and expand your own energetic field, use it, and turn it into a powerful source of connection and bliss. Strengthen and hone your skills to engage and play or connect one-on-one, with a partner or in a group field.

- Kundalini meditation
- Clear out old stuck emotions
- Learn to sense and move your energy
- Learn to sense your partner’s energy and others' around you

All playful activities and exercises will be guided and are optional, and you can do the entire workshop by yourself or with a partner or in groups. Participants are asked to practice with each other or by yourself in whatever manner supports you best. All activities and exercises will be guided and are always optional. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a bring a yoga mat, a meditation cushion or a pillow with you to sit on.

See you there!

Krishangi Lila
Megan Rose



Explore many different ceremonies, rituals, healings and energies at the Ceremony Space. You will find things here you've never heard about before! Kirtan is Sanskrit for “chant” or “glorify”—mainly, to glorify God and chant His names. God has many names—in many languages—which are all spiritual.

“Spiritual” means God and His names are the same, so saying “Krishna” means Krishna is present. In God’s presence, anxieties subside, we feel like the spiritual beings we really are, and we feel happy. Find out for yourself: kirtan follows a “call-and-response” format.

The kirtan leader chants—in most cases - the Hare Krishna mantra, while a group listens, and at the end of the mantra, the group can respond, and in this way there is a reciprocation of hearing and chanting.




Yopi Jay, Singer-/Songwriter, chant circle leader and sacred-song keeper, has been following the devotional path of Bhakti Yoga with his music for several years. Based in Cologne (Germany) he has been playing kirtan & chant circles all around Germany and Europe. Together with violin player Lotta Corradini and fellow musicians Yopi & Lotta have released a new album with sacred world music, named „Namasté Pachamama“.

The songs invoke the sentiment of devotion and dedication to a higher consciousness, of Love and Oneness. Together with the people Yopi sings Bhajans and Kirtan from ancient India, Medicine Songs from South America and Sacred Chants from other parts of the world and in various languages. Wherever he plays his voice and music have the ability to open hearts and make people sing along.

"A bridge-building fusion between the spiritual traditions of Europe, South America and India“ (Yoga Journal Germany) “A gorgeously uplifting album [...] a profoundly moving expression of the all-consuming love of the Divine. Each song is a sacred prayer for guidance, heart-opening and healing.“(The Shift Network)

Thanks a lot and see you soon!
Lots of Love Yopi




AUM meditation is a journey in which you get the chance to experience the totality of life.

You express your sadness, anger, madness and joy, which frees you from inner tensions and stress. AUM is a place where you can go wild in a safe environment. Where else can you scream with and to others, act crazy, be sad? Where else can you unload what you have saved without harming another?

People who are full of anger or sadness and who do not express this find a way to handle these emotions in this meditation. When they taste it in the AUM, they begin to change, to blossom more. The influence of AUM affects your daily life. Even the chat with a stranger at the bus stop will be different if you have just done such a deep meditation with strangers.

Differences in age and status disappear during the AUM. You meet people who you rarely see otherwise. That makes your horizon wider.

Robin van den Bergh



Relax, discover the beauty and the miracle of music... Robin Van den Bergh is Multi-instrumentalist and guides you through the elements of nature with his N’Goni, Gitaar, Sharango, Mother drum, Spirit songs, Shamanic chanting, Kargyaa (Tuvan throat singing) and lots lots more... Welcome from the Heart...


Hoʻoponopono Hawaian Healing Ceremony


(ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian way of reconciliation and forgiveness. Similar forgiveness practices were conducted on the South Pacific islands, including Samoa, Tahiti and New Zealand. If someone was physically or mentally ill, the family came together to do hoʻoponopono. This was traditionally led by a healing priest or kahuna lapaʻau. Today, hoʻoponopono within the family is led by an older family member or the forgiveness process is performed individually. Here we will do this as a group, coming together and carrying out the ritual. You are so welcome to join !!!




As a Soulcoach Guen will guide you to being with yourself fully: Wild, Wise and Free. There is no other freedom as truly loving yourself. You want to heal the world? First Love Yourself, then FLY!

To love yourself is taking the responsibility over your life in the most efficient way. Self-love provides deep healing: within yourself, your relationships, your everyday life.
In the ceremony we will go through the stages of opening the heart, building strength, embracing our shadow, release and intention.

Guen is multipassionate. Soulcoach, artist, writer, lover of life and passionate dancer. It is her mission to spread the vibe and wisdom of embracing paradoxes, light and darkness and enchanting people to love themselves with all their edges and imperfections.




More info about this ceremony is follows soon!

Carlos, Laetitia Tilliet

Maggie Nauwelaers



We come together around the water. To honour, to revalue and to thank. Water is the unmissable yin basic energy that gives life, purifies, feeds, and encourages the connectedness between humans and reconnects us on the deepest levels with the planet. We do this by gifting flowers, singing, gentle dancing and meditation.




“So much can be said in a glance. Such ambiguous intensity, both invasive and vulnerable—glittering black, bottomless and opaque. The eye is a keyhole, through which the world pours in and a world spills out. And for a few seconds, you can peek through into a vault, that contains everything they are.


But whether the eyes are the windows of the soul or the doors of perception, it doesn’t matter: you’re still standing on the outside of the house. Eye contact isn’t really contact at all. It’s only ever a glance, a near miss, that you can only feel as it slips past you… So we’re all just exchanging glances, trying to tell each other who we are, trying to catch a glimpse of ourselves, feeling around in the darkness.




The Happy Circle is the perfect tool to transform 'tensions' into a very relaxing energy. You learn this technique and will be able to afterwards use it yourself on every kind of material, in every kind of situation. This tool can help anyone to change the world from within.

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