Practical Info

Here you'll find all info you need for a comfy
Suntribe Experience

Our campingarea:

A nice soft grass field right next to the festivalterrain.
The camping is open for
3 nights stay from Friday 27/09 noon to Monday 30/09 noon.
At arrival, you'll need to come at the entrance gate to get your camping and festival bracelets. From there feel free to put your tent where you want on the camping terrain.

This is a family camping, it is aimed at resting and replenishing our batteries for the following dancing day. If you'd like to stay a bit longer chilling with your (new) friends before sleeping, there will be a campfire/chillout area between the camping and the entrance.


If you sleep in a campervan:
If you're coming by campervan and intend to camp in it for the night, we ask you to buy 1 campervan parking ticket AND 1 camping ticket (both available at the online shop).

You need to have a camping bracelet in order to be allowed on the camping site at night.
Parking places are limited so please buy your campervan ticket in advance to reserve your spot. You'll be guided where to park when you arrive as space is limited.
Please arrive before 23:30 at the camping site, after that we close the access to come in.

Camping Facilities:

At the chillout zone, next to the camping you'll find a couple of foodtrucks for breakfast, meals and warm drinks, daytime and evening. They'll open at the same time as the camping on Friday. You'll find facilities such as compost toilets and drinking water tap available. Due to environmental regulations we are not able of organising showers. For now, the water-point is all we can do. By next year, we hope we can create a shower access that respects the environment.

Camping Rules:
The camping is part of the festival so please keep respecting the guidelines – no alcohol or other drug consumption is allowed – Dogs are not allowed at the campingsite and the festivalterrain – No private noisy party's at the familycamping.


We have a parking space right by the entrance of the festival.
We can welcome up to 500 cars – so we encourage carpooling for the comfort of everyone.
On Friday, the parking is open from 12:00 (noon) until 23:30.

On Saturday and Sunday, the parking is
open from 8:30am until 23:30. We invite you to come early enough, time to park + get your bracelet at the entrance, you easily loose time there and we don't want you to miss your favorite artists and workshops!

We ask to pay
4€ for the parking as you arrive for the care of the land and infrastructure. A local farmer took care of this piece of land for 4 months to make it parking-proof for us : - )

Please do not park on the side of the streets as it's not allowed by local authorities.
The exact adress for the parking location is « Bouveriestraat » in Avelgem.
It's a one-way road so you can't get lost !

How to get to 

Chateau Bossuit - Avelgem:

We tried to find the best possible ways to arrive by public transport

and we figured there are 2 possibilities.


First one (most likely if you come from up North)

is to take a train to Waregem Station, and from there, walk to the bus stop « Waregem station perron 3 » and take Bus 85 direction Spiere (line Anzegem – Avelgem- Spiere). You have about 45 minutes drive, and you can get out at the bus stop « Bossuit Kasteel » which brings you right in front of the festival domain.


The second option (most likely if you come from further South)

is to take a train to Spiere/Espierre Station (via Tournai). From there, walk to the bus stop « Kerk/Eglise » and catch bus 85 direction Waregem (line Spiere-Avelgem-Anzegem), for 10 minutes drive to the bus stop « Bossuit Kasteel » right in front of the festival domain.

Carpooling to Suntribe Facebook Page


Bla Bla Car:

Carpool Belgium:

Festival Guidelines:


To preserve the intentions of the festival,

we would like to emphasize on some guidelines :

No consumption of alcohol or any other drugs is allowed during the whole festival.
Please do not bring any on the terrain. We give ourselves permission to refuse access to anyone entering the festival under influence of alcohol or any drug, even if you have paid an entrance ticket. Smoking cigarettes is only allowed in the smoking-area on the terrain. Unfortunatly, no dogs are allowed. We have a kids area bringing fun activities but it is not a day-care team. Respect the environement welcoming you there by all means.


Honor yourself and one another :)

Heart is the center of our creation, bring yours to make this gathering a divine experience !

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