The Sun Stage is filled with the best live acts and deejays for a 12 hours dancejourney from Ambient, Downtempo and Goatrance provided by Suntrip Records!

Asura (Ultimae Records)
Shakta Live
Dj Anoebis (Suntrip Records)
Pieter Pan & Pete Mush Live
Antares Live
DJ Pavane (Suntrip Records)
DJ Mantradeli
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The Tribe Stage brings a variety of live bands, concerts, DJ-sets and... Ecstatic Dance with Kareem Raïhani! From deep didgeridoo or sitar tribal trance to floating melodic tunes by no-one less than Seb Taylor and an intimate concert with Nessi Gomes...

Seb Taylor (UK) - (Kaya Project)
Kareem Raïhani (Ibiza) - E.D.
Nessi Gomes (UK) Live
Regal Trip (FR) - Live Tribalconcert
Haitaka Live
SARGAM. - Live Sitar Trance
Tortu Trio
DJ Intiche (Argentinia)
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The Zen Garden is truly a place of inner peace. Here you can relax, enjoy nature or experience one of many workshops. Cooldown place for children and families as well.

The Work that Reconnects
Nessi Gomes - Voice Bath
Relax & Move your Energy
5 Elements Dance
Sacred Song Circle
Authentic Relating
Tantric Meeting
Laughter Yoga
Contact Improvisation
Finnish Sauna
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What is a tribe without children?

Children are the joy, the energy, the connection amongst us all, they are so welcome!
So we decided to integrate an play-area for children and parents to connect-play-relax,
and on top of that, offer a pop-up style program for kids around the festivalarea
between 10h00 and 20h00. Updates about the program will follow later.

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