beautiful Market Space with hand crafted goodies, clothes, and much more !

Suntribe wil be the °place to be° to buy unique hand crafted items. 

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Moira natuurvrouw

Organic care products

Do you know exactly what your facial cream is

made of? Or do you want to get rid of all the

chemicals in your care-products?

Come try the homemade, 100% organic products in the stall of Moira Natuurvrouw! You will find everything you will need from facial creams or scrubs, butters for medicinal care, body oils, cough sirop, dental powder, shampoo powder, and much, much more. And of course I won't forget to bring the warm and cuddly blankets made of all organic eco wool.

Gypsy Elven Jewelry

Tribal inspired, gypsy-fairy style jewelry.

Handmade, one of a kind pieces,

made with love and passion.

Wayra Kamay

Jewelry with semi-precious stones from South-America, ethnic decoration with natural material from Central-America, 3-dimensional dreamcatchers, mandalas on fabric…everything 100% natural, created with love in my workshop!

Meraki  Creations

Handcrafted wood creations, Hennep rope & Beads & Giant bubble wands

Meraki Creations is the result of a hobby that got

way out of hand – and boy are we happy about it! 

One of our favorite pastimes has always been exchanging our creative idea's, spending whole weekends cooped up in our workshop and losing track of time. To us, wood is one of the most timeless and inspiring materials around. Every piece has it's own story and the grain and curves tell you what it wants to become. 

To us the process of creation is a form of meditation. We revel in the discovery of the possibilities each creation has to offer. The moment we have to leave or workshop behind, a part of us is already dreaming about the next time we'll have some spare time to indulge our passion for creation.

Dharma & Inimacramé

Empowering Crystal Macrame Jewelry

Dreadbeads Macrame

Onsite Macrame Wraps for dreads

Maya Sophia

Nature inspired ceramics and other creations

Come feel Mother Nature and awaken your

Elven self through my inspired creations

VZW Aarde oase

Vzw Oase organiseert workshops en evenementen waarbij persoonlijke ontwikkeling via verbinding met de natuur en jouw natuur centraal staat. Genieten en groeien in het groen.

Joy Moon soul products

Ear juwelry 'Spirit Feathers' and natural parfumes

Ir1’s eco sheep carpets

Unique and tradional eco hand-felted scheep carpets.

Shaved pure wool from sheeps who have a good life.

Fair Bazaar

fairtrade goods

From the Woods - Handicraft

handicraft made with natural materials (seeds, fruits, fibers, pieces of wood, etc.)

Ali Puncha

Ecuadorian and Colombian traditional clothing, jewelry and goodies.

Whispers from a Nomad

Handmade oils and small meditation- comfort

and dream pillows.

A little story from whispers from a Nomad. 

As mother of 5 wonderfull children and a nomad woman I

started the project whispers from a Nomad, because I'm a

passionate traveller.

All my oils are handmade, organic and composed from a

personal meditationwith deep respect for Mother Earth. All these oils mature with the energy of the earth, sun, cristals and the moon. As well with the unique vibrations of carefully chosen music.

My nomadic oils travel around the world to whisper their story. Listen very carefully to what they whisper to you. They whisper how they can serve you, what you need, how to heal or how they can inspire you.

Sharing is Caring.

With love and respect,

Whispers from a Nomad.

Rainbow make-Up & Serena Creations

Art and Love…on your skin

Here you can get make up and a piece of jewelry to enjoy the festival.


Make up page:



Enjoy and see you soon!

Caroline & Serena

Hart en Ziel kristallen

Spiritual and creative objects

* Home made creations of wood and crystals (staffs, little tables, Healing branches,..)

* Crystals and stones

* Orgonites (Home-made)

* Some music instruments (made by a friend Robin Vandenbergh)

By Masala

Fair trade - Indian handicraft


Natural, sustainable, biodegradable and zero waste alternatives for daily use,

both at home and when traveling.

From toothpaste without tubes to ethically responsible solar panels from recycled material: It matters what you pack

Forest Roots / In the Woods

 Forest Roots 

Professional Dreadlocks Service for natural dreads.


In The Woods 

Organic Fair Trade Eco Webshop for a conscious lifestyle.


Jewelry and hairwraps

Juggelin Sun Children

Juggelin sun children offers a original mix off juggeling toys, funky clothing, brass and silverplated jewlery, handmade leatherwork and handmade jewelry


LiMAtma is a small shop created by Li-Ma and Atma. There you can find handmade jewelry, bags, zero waste products, prints of artwork by Li-Ma(@limawesterhout). At the shop you can also get henna tattoos, braids and facepaint.

For our products we use a lot of recycled materials and make everything vegan. Even though there is leather or wool sometimes in the products it's being used second hand, we are giving second life to material without harming animals.

Goddess Clothes

Fair trade clothes inspired by Goddess spirituality,

Medieval & Ethnic influences.


Eco frendly Flowtoys

Avocado jewlery

Chalo Psywear

Men and womens clothing of our own design completed with accessories, Jewelry, Macrame and pocket belts.

One Of The Lights In My Life!

Sacred Geometry Wood Art

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