Tortu Trio 

Relax your body, mind and spirit on the beautiful soundscapes of the hangdrum instrument. 

It is said by some that the beat of the drum resonates with the very essence of the human heart. Beating in harmony with our very own internal percussion. As it pumps our life-force around our bodies. And that drums can relax the tense, energize the tired, and heal the emotionally wounded. 

Hand drums are frequently used in therapy sessions to release: stress, anger, and emotional pain. And have been used with positive results to help with: Autism (and related disorders), post-traumatic stress, corporate stress, ‘at-risk’ adolescents, substance abuse, increasing self-esteem, multiple-personality disorder, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and manic depression (to name but a few). And while HandPans may not technically be drums. They still offer the same benefits of being able to connect an external instrument with the internal spirit, and through rhythm and focus, the player is able to externalize, and potentially master, their issues, and anxieties. Finding a level of control both physical and emotional, that might otherwise be lacking.

Pieter de Wildeman has this magic in his hands and will guide us through an inner journey.

Listen here to Tortu Trio

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