Healing Area

Give your body and soul what it needs at our healing area !

Take a moment for yourself at our healing area. 

Here you get a variety of massages, healings... all from professional healers. 

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Lise Orye

Massage therapist and coördinator of our healing area and cultural market!

Holistic massage and Muscle Specific Deep Tissue Massage.

The perfect reboot in between all your beautiful dance moves.

Massage -Van

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

In this van, you'll travel far within yourself.

Ayurvedic yoga massage is a combination of the

traditional ayurvedic deep tissue massage and

yoga stretches.

The aim is to open the body, realign the anatomical structures, promote the circulation of all body liquids and bring a feeling of deep relaxation.


Herbronning, coaching & retreat

Soulpath is an ecological centre for Resource, Coaching & Retreat at Sint-Katelijne-Waver (near Mechelen) that brings more Awareness, Vitality and Inner Peace.

We believe that in everything that we do, we can bring people closer through nature with their inner nature and this by giving you a feeling of safety, peace and quiet on our beautiful green & secure domain.

Soulpath offers:

Individual Quantum Soulcoach programs

Lu Jong – Tibetan Healing Yoga & Meditation

Esoteric psychology & healing

Rental domain to professionals & companies

Eco lodges & Wellness (sauna, hot tub and swimming pond)

Spiritually transforming journeys & weekends

Annual festival & pop-up summer bar

Silence Retreats

Re-Connect Nature & Re-Integrations programs for 14 to 28 years young adults


Soulpath sells two kind of Cheops-Pyramides where people can sit in to empower their meditation or healing, Aura-Soma, t-shirts, ...

Satsanga Holistic Healing

Energetic Healing & Massage

Soul Coaching/ Intuitive Communication

At Satsanga Holistic Healing the focus lies on overall

wellbeing: feeling physically healthy and well, but also

mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Through a series of

offered services, you may improve your wellbeing. Some of

our services include: horse assisted therapy, life coaching,

Ayurvedic Massage, spiritual guidance, geobiology and

space clearing, energetic healing, intuitive communication,


If you wish to clear some clouds from your head or if you

have certain ailments you want to get rid of, then come by for an energetic healing. Using shamanic tools, as well as earthly and cosmic energy, we will clear your subtle bodies from polluting thoughts, bad vibes, health issues and also energetic parasites. We can also perform energetic healing and intuitive communication from a distance, so don't hesitate to bring along pictures from your pets or family members.

Are you a bit confused about your true life's path or life mission? Not sure how to proceed to having a happy, successful life? Then ask your questions to your soul, who has all the answers. With my oracle cards and strong intuition, I will spiritually guide you on your way.

Our Ayurvedic hand massage will give your hands and body a moment of pure relaxation and vitalisation. By massaging the reflexology points on the hands, you will feel balanced and energised. And your hands – working hard for you every day – will be thankful for this luxury treatment. My colleague can also perform shiatsu treatments that will cure you from all kinds of ailments.

AardeVlinder & Praktijk De Bronne

Shamanic healing


Two shamanic practitioners wanting to bring light and happiness!

www.aardevlinder.be – Helene Erauw
www.praktijkdebronne.be – Sharon Depoutre

We offer individual shamanic healing sessions of 15min to 60min. We sing, use our rattle and drum to invite healing Spirit. After the session the client will experience a general feeling of being more balanced and powerful.
Who? When you need extra strength to take a next step in life. When you feel you are stuck into your life or when your house is a mess and you can't shift the energy. For a good health, for good relations, for good finances. In a stressful period.

Indochinese Medicine

Pulse diagnosis 

Massage - Thai, Ayurvedic oil, Cashmiri tantric


Since 2008. Always learning and teaching... forever?


Ben Chi

Health guidance

Health is balance between body & mind .

Through various methods we find a way how to re-ignite the

body's self healing properties . 

On this Festival you will be able to enjoy the hands-on techniques .

Reflexology & pressure point massage are ways to balance the

subtle energies and trigger deep healing. 

Ben chi is a recognized health consultant with the Belgium association .

In his practice he also works with Deep Tissue Massage , Non violent communication , Relaxation , Meditation , Natural food and supplements and Dance


Holy Well

Relax, rejuvenate and let go of stress, blockages and limiting patterns that hold you back in life.

Your capacities in healing and creating your life are limitless.
I can not heal you. You can truely only heal yourself. Everything is within you. I can offer you the same grace, grattitude, light, love and space that exists in you and all of nature. The love in which you will remember your true Self and will heal spontaniously.

To activate your true Self you will find these offers at Holy Well during the Sun Tribe Festival:

– Reiki treatment
– Personal constellations
– Measuring and advise through the use of dowsing
– Counseling coaching
– Flow to Heal treatment 

To support the personal healing process I use and offer different products, all created by Aqwatech, West-Flemisch company creating beautyful solutions for all living beings that support happiness, health and conciousness.

These are:
1. Drops and Sprays that gently and powerfully offer information and energy on different levels of jour being: Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. www.drops15.com
2. Tags that support your vitality and peace, and destress the stress you're experiencing through electro-magnetic radiation in any kind. www.penta-power.com
3. Vital water and a harmonic, healing environment with the Aqwavit- technology. www.aqwavit.com

See you at the healing area.


Te Maurea Traditional Maori Healing

We will be offering Romiromi – this is a form of bodywork from our Traditional Maori healing practices of New Zealand. This form of bodywork can shift energies accumulate in our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. These sessions will be 15-20 minutes and are an introduction to our healing practices.

Ayurvedic Massage

By Bresciani Evelyne

To bring balance and harmony in body and mind. 

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