31 MEI - 1 JUNI 2019


Welcome to Suntribe Festival

Did you ever want to trance/ecstatic dance on goa-trance, ambient and tribal music with the sun shining on your face, bare feeted, feeling the Earth below? Without alcohol, smokes or any other drugs on the entire event! Fresh juices and healthy food, feeding your body and the life within. Connected with yourself, the Earth, the Sun and all the other dancers? A real natural trance festival!

Our intentions are simple: Celebrate life, the Sun and Earth via melodic goa-trance, tribal live bands, intimate concerts, ecstatic dance, world music and ambient vibrations on a pure day party! We will not serve any alcohol or softdrinks on this event. Only water, tea, biological soda's and fresh juices..

You will find 4 different areas on the festival:

Sunstage / Tribestage / Zen garden / Market

Suntribe intends to bring celebration to the next level.
The experience of Trance through dance / music / inner work / pure intentions and community,
uplifts the vibe of the festival towards a deep feeling of personal and collective bliss.

It empowers the realization that we do not need anything more
to be in contact with our pure self and each other.

We therefore ask our participants to honour our policy towards
non-drug/alcohol usage during this festival-day.

Thankyou for opening up for this experience!

The Sun Stage is filled with the best live acts and deejays for a 12 hours dancejourney from Ambient, Downtempo and Goatrance provided by Suntrip Records!

Shakta Live
Dj Anoebis
Asura (Ultimae Records)
Pieter Pan & Pete Mush Live
DJ Pavane
DJ Mantradeli
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The Tribe Stage brings a variety of live bands, concerts, DJ-sets and of course an Ecstatic Dance!
From deep did
geridoo or sitar tribal trance to floating melodic tunes to an intimate concert...

Seb Taylor (UK) (Kaya Project)
Nessi Gomes (UK) Live
Kareem Raïhani (Ibiza) E.D.
Regal Trip (FR) Live Tribal Concert
Haitaka Live
Tortu Trio
DJ Intiché (Argentinia)
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The Zen Garden is truly a place of inner peace. Here you can relax, enjoy nature or experience one of many workshops. Cooldown place for children and families as well.

The Work that Reconnects
Nessi Gomes - Voice Bath
Relax & Move your Energy
Sacred Song Circle
Authentic Relating
Tantric Meeting
Laughter Yoga
5 Elements Dance
Contact Improvisation
Finnish Sauna
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What is a tribe without children?

Children are the joy, the energy, the connection amongst us all, they are so welcome!
So we decided to integrate an play-area for children and parents to connect-play-relax,
and on top of that, offer a pop-up style program for kids around the festivalarea
between 10h00 and 20h00. Updates about the program will follow later.

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