Suntribe is a Family Experience!

The Kidsvillage at Suntribe will go Tribal this year!
A little village with all kinds of spots to discover. Every child can come and play, discover and learn here. We'll have a survivalparcours, we'll craft with natural materials, we'll mess in the mud kitchen and so on.

Every morning we'll start with a scavenger hunt in nature towards everything that grows and glows on this huge terrain. You can come and take a rest at the snoezeltent and listen to story's. In the workshop arena you will find aswell yoga as acrobats and circus. There will be little shadowrich spots and there is a water and popcorn bar on top of all that!

Make Your Own

A workshop where me and the kids make a didgeridoo from pvc, paint it with some easy dot art, en afterwards I will do an initiation in playing the didgeridoo. Every child or adult that participates in the workshop can take a self made didgeridoo at home and can start practicing. Come and join !!!


“Would you like to meet your perfect dance partner? One that will offer you never-ending fun and challenges? Step into one of our hula hoops and learn the basics of waist and off- body hooping.

Next to the workshops we offer a Hoop-Jam area.

You can walk in to borrow a hoop and get some tips and inspiration to help you on your hooping path. Workshops are suitable for adults and kids (7 years and older)”


We believe everyone can Fly!
Family acroyoga is an unique combination of yoga, acrobatic flying, massage and games.
We create a beautiful connection with ourselves and each other, we learn to trust and to take care of each other. We will work in duo, ‘a base’ (parent/grandparent/niece/friend/…) and ‘a flyer’ (kid). Oh, not unimportant: we just have fun.

Nature Tikkle Scavenger hunt

Come and join our adventures into the many magical realms of nature!
We may do such things as listening to the sound of crickets, humming like bumblebees, transforming ourselves into snakes or bears, inventing new names for all the tiny creatures surrounding us, creating treasure maps to groves full of chestnuts, hunt each other down like owls and mice - - or maybe we’ll even do something completely different but equally nature-crazy!


Become a little lion, a butterfly, get all colors of the rainbow... become what your imagination leads you to with no less than 6 skilled face painters !



During this « crafting and messing » activity, you'll get your hands busy creating with natural materials ! Your little ones will be guided to learn how to create their own new doll with socks, an will have the chance to paint a piece of a puppet-show structure to animate them afterwards ! Lots of fun stories are to be expected

Circus, music,
dance, expression, 

This is all about discovering new ways of being in our little bodies. Kids will learn some circus techniques, and will also be invited to express themselves through movement and dance (a bit like in an ecstatic dance). For those who are more music-driven, they are very welcome to express their voice and musical talents to support the dancers !


Yoga for kids – did you know it was possible ? Of course, the younger you start practicing, the sooner the benefits of yoga practice will impact your life. So why not start now ?

It's a wonderful way for kids to connect to their center, aknowledge it more consciously and learn to practice always coming back to it. And in parrallel, we'll also experiment kids-level eye gazing. It's a simple yet effective way to make contact, and increase feeling of connection and relating. It's a crucial part of growth that we encourage here in a soft and safe environment.



Pop Corn Time ! Because it's fun and we all love it !
It's a perfect snack in between two hard playing session !

Gigantic Bubble

Blowing !

Because kids keep being mesmerised by playing with bubbles, we decided to bring a dedicated space for it !

Storytelling with
hand dolls and an

instrument talent-show

Fairies, elves, dwarfs, and other mystical beings surround us at Suntribe, and we'll tell their wonderful stories under the kids tent. Get ready to be brought to wonderland by flying carpet !

It's also the ideal moment to enjoy some cosy-relaxing time with a delicious Chaï.



provided balls, jute bags, cricket game and more ! Let's play together and bring our best games ideas out of the closet.

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