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I felt in love with goa-trance in 2004. The first minute I walked into the party I fell in love with it. The music, the atmosphere, the people... Even today it is still my biggest love! I mostly love old school psychedelic goa-trance but I also have a soft spot for more melodic music, forest-style music and darker music as well. There is so much amazing psychedelic music out there!

My first steps as a dj I took in 2009. I started to play ambient and downtempo music on parties. This resulted in sets in Belgium and even the Lost Theory festival in Croatia. My first uptempo set happened in 2013, and I'm hooked ever since. I played on Old Is Gold, Once upon a festival, Fractal gate, Sanctuary,... In Belgium and in Israel at the Suntrip Puzzle party in april 2017. I hope this is only the start because I am super motivated to grow as a dj so I can bring more unforgettable moments to the people on a trancefloor!

Listen here to Dj Pavane

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