Relax & move your Energy

Relax and move your Energy with Ellen Van Gorp

Relax & Move your energy!


In this workshop we will:

*Stimulate our energy flow.

* Bring our body in a state of total relaxation.

* we will activate our selfhealing potential.


This, based on a few shiatsu-techniques that we can use on ourselves.
In this way we will work in a holistic way with our body and our mind.
Next to this we'll practice some selfhealing techniques to help relax your entire body.

My personal experience is my biggest source of inspiration for this workshop.
My body was chronically sick, but through energetic healings my lifeforce / energy came back to live.
More life-force became the basics for another life. So many aliments connected to 'Firbromyalgy' dissapeared in thin air.

Through this proces I learned to better feel and notice the signals my body is giving me. Now I know how I can release the energetic blocks to experience more balance.

I'm looking forward to share this body-conciousness with you. Are you in?

More info about Ellen:

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