SARGAM. - Trance Minded Improvisation

SARGAM. is a brand new instrumental band from Antwerp/Belgium that brings together 4 young musicians with top level skills and background. SARGAM. plays a fusion of different styles such as jazzrock, indian music and hiphop, all infused with trance minded improvisations that are an important part of their music. Every concert is unique and flows from that moment. SARGAM. can be both explosive and meditative and will for sure give you a never-to-forget experience!

SARGAM. Bandmembers:

Nicolas Mortelmans - Sitar:
Nicolas is a fusion sitarist. He developed his skills through many sitarmasters in India and since 2017 he is being tutored by the worldfamous Anoushka Shankar. In 2016 he played more than 80 concerts around the world. He did gigs i.e. Sportpaleis, Ancienne Belgique, De Roma, Ancient Trance Festival. Nicolas came into the media with StuBru, MNM, de Standaard,...  He played together with artists like:  Leki, Jean Bosco Safari, Lady Linn, Roel van Bambost, Kris Wauters, Ben Crabbé, Tsar B, Matt Watts, Ludoviq, Emile Verstraeten, Nessi Gomes, David Piedfort and many others.   

Jordi Geuens - Drums:

He was an original member of Postman, Mira, Mings Pretty Heroes, Gustaph, Organtasy (with the great Hammond specialist Carlo de Wijs) and Lize Accoe. In addition to his involvement in these projects he has had the opportunity to play with artists such as Edsilia Rombley, Zap Mama, Brahim, Sandrine, Berget Lewis, Moiano, Candy Dulfer, Jeroen van der Boom, Leyers, Michiels & Soulsister and many more. Since 2011 Jordi has been touring throughout Europe with Belgium's latest sensation Selah Sue, whose debut album reached triple Platinum sales status in Belgium, Gold sales status in The Netherlands and double Platinum sales status in France.  

Ralph Hermans - Bass:

Ralph’s career in music started at 13 years old. His father took him to a music store, where he played the electric bass for the first time. He felt the low vibrations travel through his body and he knew instantly that he wanted to play the bass. After  studying pop, rock and jazz for three years at the Academy of Art in Antwerp he graduated from the conservatory of Amsterdam where he studied jazz. His skilled bass playing in often requested by composers, producers and artists. He has preformed and recorded  with various artists including: Tourist LEMC, Wally, Typhoon, Bart Peeters, Flip Kowlier,  Pierpoljak,  DAAN, Sam Renascent, Lorrèn Rettich, De Studio 100 Band, BABEL, Dolores, Ivory Grand and many more

Willem Heylen - Guitar:

Willem is a student of the Conservatorium in Antwerpen. He had the opportunity to learn from teachers like: Dré Pallemaerts, Serge Lazarevitch, Frank Vaganée, Peter Hertmans, Hans Van Oost en Philippe Aerts. He is part of many different projects under which: WHexp, FJORD, Wannes Cornelis Quartet, Hypothalamus Quartet, and now 'SARGAM.'

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