Tantric Meeting 

Tantric Meeting with Marlies Yemaya

This workshop is about meeting yourself, seeing the other, being seen, touching and being touched.
Its about expanding your world of experience, deepening your presence. Its about authentic expression and awakening your lifeforce.


We'll work with the male/female polarity to better understand ourselves.
The first step is to keep your focus with your whole being. Your body, your thoughts, your emotions, your energy. From this deep connection with your self, you will go into contact with others.

When both polarities come together in loving attention, you experience a deep feeling of 'oneness'. Your conciousness expands and everything in life gets more space, more freedom.

By bringing the outer polarities into 'oneness' through a meditative setting, you can accept and harmonise parts of you more easily. The meeting takes place in a sacral space in which we take care of the limits and borders of others. A space where we take care of each other.  This is a 'clothes-on' event.


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