2 days of quality live concerts!
Tribal, Folk, Latin, Balkan, World, Spiritual and Sacred music.

The Tribe stage is the place to be for authentic heart opening live concerts! We bring you the best worldwide artists to create a new unforgettable experience. From soft mantra concerts, live hangdrum players, colorful world music and full-power didgeridoo tribal trance!

Karim Baggili

Rock, Elektro, World, Traditional, Romantic  music with an Arabian Touch


Music above all! Music that can afford all freedom such as the cross-pollination of rock, electro, groove, flamenco, world, traditional, romantic and Anglo-Saxon music. Music that reconciles passion, spontaneity and honesty, with the only requirement to offer beautiful, pleasant and even brilliant moments. The influence of Arabic music is unmistakably present in all his albums. Lively, refined, anchored in the Jordanian roots of his father. Balkan sounds and rhythms escape from a few pieces, inspired by his mother's Yugoslav roots.

Yet Karim Baggili is and remains a musician born and raised in Belgium. His first musical loves were Deep Purple and Dire Straits. He plays erudite but accessible music, intellectual yet intelligible, world music and at the same time progressive. A bridge between East and West, a journey between world and pop music. On this new album the arpeggios and the crunchy oed are always prominent, with more room for the voice, which adds an extra dimension to the remarkable and enchanting musical adventures of Karim Baggili.

Los Callejeros

Afro-Latin - Etnic Folk
Reggae - Balkan Gipsy
Jazz Rock


Los Callejeros wants to take everybody on a musical journey to different worlds, inspired by intercultural encounters, both local and international. With their incomparable sound of the world-mestizo beat, these globetrotting artivists will swipe you off your feet in an overwhelming party.

Every callejero adds his own musical identity to the melting pot, freely experimenting with Afro-latin grooves, Etnic-folkmusic, reggaeskanks, jazz and rock, balkan gipsy stuff and a pinch of European tears.

Their urban slang poetry sings about the great clichés of life, social conscience and the great themes of our world in different languages. Los Callejeros has a reputation for being a heart-warming musical surprise.

Apart from playing traditional stages, the band decided to tour with a self-managed mobile podium.

This allowed them to take their music to wherever their path led them and meet their audiences

everywhere in an intimate setting.

2011 saw the release of their second album 'Presente!', including collaborations with the Portuguese band 'Terrakota', Belgian band 'Les Talons Gitans', and the local social-artistic project 'MurgaLova'. And the end of the same year, the band went to Barcelona to record a new videoclip, 'Amourouse '.

Los Callejeros played, among other festivals and venues, Colora Festival, Mondihalle, Rootstock, Patersholfeesten, Marktrock, Het Depot, De wereldfeesten, Fiesta Mundial, Soirée tropical, Route Du Soleil (France), Couleur Café, Polé Polé, Vijverfestival, Gitannekesfoor, Outremeuze. Their musical collaborations include artists like percussion band Lokomotiv, Xamanek, Alfredo Valiente, Buritaca, Kollasuyu-Ñan, Dirk Timmermans (The Internationals) , Ipiraña, Monterey from Cuba and Sanstilloh from Leuven.


Accoustic Tribal
Jawharp, Beatbox,


Airtist is one of the best-known European bands playing organic beats. They create essential elementary dance music with the most ancient instruments. The three musicians, acknowledged worldwide build an uplifting and energetic atmosphere that is deeply rooted. This Jew's harp, didgeridoo and human beatbox trio brings real organic beats and trance to the audience. 

Airtist is a unique music project creating the atmosphere of electronic dance music, but only using ancient instruments and the human voice. The didgeridoo, the Jew's harp and the human beat-box together create an unmatchable sound-world that is typical only to Airtist. 

They don't use any electronically produced sound. Only the natural vibration of their AIR-fueled instruments gets people dancing. Despite the cultural heritage relating to the origin of their instruments the music of Airtist speaks a universal language that gets along without electronically produced elements. This music could have been played thousands of years ago in the very same way.

Mitsch Kohn

Piano Virtuoso
Sound Mystic


when I am in music, I am in the moment, part of this universe, alive and always changing.. Everything is music and I just choose with my intention, what sounds are coming through me. It´s a miracle I don´t really understand, but I can feel it when I play.

Intuitive music is an invitation to arrive in the "now" and get closer to yourself. There´s nothing to understand, nothing to´s just as it is.

His very unique piano-based soundhealing-journeys guide into states of deep connection and can be realized as a journey into a higher consciousness. New perspectives might occur and the pacified heart will bath in silence.


Etnic Folk


Sanseveria is a brand-new band with a powerful combination of uilleann pipes, fiddle, whistles, guitar and percussion. Together, this obviously results in bursting melodies, heavy beats and crazy riffs. In short, the perfect music to hit the roof!

Sanseveria is a five-headed band originated from another band called Aerokorda. As a trio, Adriaan van Wonterghem, Davy Cautaerts and Pavel Souvandjiev frequently asked Micheal Boere and Wout van Liedekerke for reinforcement. Due to their collaboration, they created another name for the band: Aerokorda et les Autres. After several gigs and spending much time together, these five guys, who became close friends in the meantime, decided to continue with a band of their own. This new band would stand apart from Aerokorda in music and style as well as ambience.

With a lot of inspiration and motivation, Sanseveria is born. These five men combine both their own compositions with Celtic Trad. In doing so, they create a beautiful blend of different cultures, sounds and especially a different and innovative view on traditional music.

Be prepared for tremendous, energetic and fascinating music which you will not soon forget!


Accoustic Tribal
Handpan, Jawharp,


After their UNBELIEVABLE concert in Antwerpen at Suntribe Indoor 2019 we decided to

bring them back for another crazy ride!

Multi-instrumentalist and ingenious sound, Jérémy Nattagh is surrounded by his 4 hangs and drums played on foot, he will take you into the drunkenness of ethnic grooves, acoustic trance and lyricism of his compositions together with
Adèle Blanchin. 

11 years ago she entered the world of Didgeridoo, the traditional eucalyptus built aboriginal wind instrument, world she has never left since. Through her numerous musical encounters, she joined the band Secret Vibes in 2003, where she also plays the Jews Harp.

She has played in a variety of places in France (Locomotive, Batofar, Glazart, Guinguette des Pirate, Cabaret Sauvage...), and abroad (Glade Festival, Boom Festival, Inspiral Lounge...).

Now, combined with Jeremy and Adele form a super duo which is about to conquer the world of tribal dance!

Carrie Tree

Delicate, Soulfull
Melodies with Poetic


In true nomadic style, Carrie has spent her entire adult life travelling the world with her music, stirring and softening hearts along the way. With an uncanny ability to reach into the traditions of the lands
she visits, she touches a place deep inside the hearts of her listeners wherever she performs.

Carrie has been a known name in the UK’s alternative scene for several years, has toured in many places in Europe, and has played regularly at UK festivals such as Glastonbury, Secret Garden and Cambridge Folk Festival. She has collaborated live and in the studio with the likes of Damien Rice, Fink, Albert Mazibuko (Ladysmith Black Mambazo), Carly Simon, Rumer, Martha Tilston and Andy Barlow of Lamb.

"An oasis of calm in a world of chaos"

NEW ALBUM - The Canoe:


Red Fulka

Powerfull dancing
with an open heart !

(The Netherlands)

RED FULKA, evolving around Sax and Flute Player Praful and beat master Kareem Raïhani, brings together the best of acoustic instruments, tribal grooves, Dance beats and electronica. They create a hypnotic, planetary fusion that moves the body, touches the soul and takes the dancer to a state of extasy.

RED FULKA plays an electrifying fusion of divine melodies, deep dance floor grooves, tribal power, electronic sparks, East meets West and Balearic beauty. At the base of this group are world-renown multi-wind-instrumentalist Praful and Moroccan-Dutch producer/beat master/DJ Kareem Raïhani. Their magical connection compelled them since 2006 to work together and combine their unique talents. Since then they have lifted the energy of many festivals and conscious gatherings around the world, such as No Mind Festival (SE), Namaste (Ibiza, ES), Int. Peace Festival (FR), Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival (Aruba), Rainbow Spirit Festival (Munich, DE) and Int. Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) (NL)

Leki and Nicolas

Intimate, voice, guitare
percussion and sitar


The Belgian-Congolese Karoline Kamosi aka “Leki” is a urban artistthat  brings an eclectic show, from intimate and revealing songs to groovy African percussion.

“Leki” is Lingala and means “little one” or “little sister / brother”; a name she got when she sang the backing vocals at Technotronic at the age of twelve. At the age of sixteen, she had a record deal, won awards, released four albums, gaveperformances, and was invited as a presenter for television and radio programs for 15 years.

After a stop of more than 3 years and a burn-out, music provides a fresh start. As a therapy, Leki wrote numerous new songs that she would like to share with you. Intimate: voice, guitar, percussion and sitar under the guidance of Nicolas Mortelmans. “What seems like the end is sometimes just a new beginning”.

After a stop of more than 3 years and a burn-out, music provides a fresh start. As a therapy, Leki wrote numerous new songs that she would like to share with you. Intimate: voice, guitar, percussion and sitar under the guidance of Nicolas Mortelmans. “What seems like the end is sometimes just a new beginning”.


Soundhealing, Jazz,
Bamboo Flute, Dance


Praful is a master sound healer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer and charismatic performer. He embraces Jazz, Soul, Dance, Indian and New World Fusion with grace and passion.


In 1992, after having completed his studies of Jazz Sax&Flute at the Amsterdam Conservatory (AHK), Praful went on a spiritual quest to India. He meditated in the Ashram of the enlightened mystic Osho and learned the Indian Bamboo Flute (Bansuri) with Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.

Praful is a regular guest on many festivals and gatherings throughout the world, giving concerts solo, with one of his projects or playing Healing events together with his partner Vimal Gabrielsen. He is also world-renowned for his work/performances with Eckhart Tolle, Dave Koz, Deva Premal&Miten, Swati Natekar, Carlos Nakai, Jai Uttal, Peruquois, Maneesh de Moor, Ma Ananda Sarita, Marc Antoine, Adani&Wolf, Nippy Noya, Armando Peraza, Laura Fygi, Mola Sylla, Kareem Raihani, Robertinho Silva, Armandinho, David Steindl-Rast, Gerardo Rosales, Monte LaRue, Sika, Holiwater Project, Sudha, Carrie Tree, Project 2000, Hardsoul, DJ Maestro, DJ Lucien Foort and many others.



(Belgium and The Netherlands)

OER. is a collective that was formed in 2018 on the streets while busking. improvisatian music made on the spot. Musicians can vary, but sound and instruments are core.  Hang/guitar/contrabas/cajon

Lotta Walda

Sing Song writer

(The Netherlands)

Lotte was only three years young when she started making her first melodies.

At the age of 11 she took her first singing lessons and from the age of 15 she participated in regional and national talent shows such as Kunstbende. With this she attracted the attention of both the public and festival programmers. Together with nearly 1200 talents, Lotte registered for Giels Talentenjacht. Lotte was ultimately one of the eleven talents that remained, giving her career a huge boost.


By now she recorded many songs and her voice keeps evolving. As Lotte is a big Suntribe Fan, she asked us to perform this year. We said YES !!!

Mystical Mystery

Mysterious Santur, 
Rythmic Darbuka...


Mystical Mystery is a young Belgian band that loves to bring heart touching sounds into the ether.
We would like to present these bright souls to you on Suntribe. We hope you will enjoy..

and maybe even dance?!

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