Live Concerts

The Tribe stage is the place to be for authentic heart opening live concerts! We bring you the best worldwide artists to create a new unforgettable experience. From soft mantra concerts, live hangdrum players, colorful world music and full-power didgeridoo tribal trance!




when I am in music, I am in the moment, part of this universe, alive and always changing.. Everything is music and I just choose with my intention, what sounds are coming through me. It´s a miracle I don´t really understand, but I can feel it when I play.

Intuitive music is an invitation to arrive in the "now" and get closer to yourself. There´s nothing to understand, nothing to´s just as it is. 


His very unique piano-based soundhealing-journeys guide into states of deep connection and can be realized as a journey into a higher consciousness. New perspectives might occur and the pacified heart will bath in silence.




The Belgian Karim Bagili, from Jordan-yugoslavic origin, born in 1976 in Brussels, is an autodidactic composer, guitarist and ud player. At the age of sixteen he begins to play the electric guitar, and when he is twenty he starts to study the different techniques of the flamenco guitar. During a trip to Jordan he also acquires an Arabic lute (ud).

In 2000 Karim wins first prize on the Open String Festival in het Duitse Osnabrück. In 2011 he is nominated for the Octaves de la Musique – Musique du Monde (music prize of the French community)


Karim Bagili is always very original, with a mix of grooves, electro and classic, larded with a crunchy ud and virtuoso arpeggio’s.




RED FULKA plays an electrifying fusion of divine melodies, deep dance floor grooves, tribal power, electronic sparks, East meets West and Balearic beauty. At the base of this group are world-renown multi-wind-instrumentalist Praful and Moroccan-Dutch producer/beat master/DJ Kareem Raïhani.

Their magical connection compelled them since 2006 to work together and combine their unique talents. Since then they have lifted the energy of many festivals and conscious gatherings around the world. Red Fulka’s planetary grooves warm the heart, touch the soul and move the waistline. Spread your wings and enjoy the flight! 



Leki (born in Kinshasa, Congo), is the first female R&B/Hip Hop/Urban star out of Belgium, known for hits including ‘Breakin Out’, ‘Crazy’ ,’Spread my wings’, ‘Over the rainbow’, ‘Love me another day’,… Leki is not only a recording artist, she is used to performing in front of big crowds (TMF Awards, Bordeaux Wine Festival, Noté Bianco…) , played at major festivals and opening up for Busta Rhymes, Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, The Game, Amy Winehouse, Craig David, Estelle…

We invited Leki & Nicolas Mortelmans together on Suntribe Festival to bring something special, unique and never seen before magic on stage!




Airtist is one of the best-known European bands playing organic beats. They create essential elementary dance music with the most ancient instruments. The three musicians, acknowledged worldwide build an uplifting and energetic atmosphere that is deeply rooted. This Jew's harp, didgeridoo and human beatbox trio brings real organic beats and trance to the audience. ​

Airtist is a unique music project creating the atmosphere of electronic dance music, but only using ancient instruments and the human voice. The didgeridoo, the Jew's harp and the human beat-box together create an unmatchable sound-world that is typical only to Airtist. 




Vocal artist, composer, creator, writer, tiller of the soil, Lover & a student of life. Netanel is a countertenor vocal artist who leads sessions of prayer and healing circles in Israel, Europe, and the United States.

In addition to Hebrew and English, Netanel performs in new languages that he channels live, an improvisational reflection of life through music.

In the last past 2 years Netanel joined the international guitarist “Estas Tonne” for tours in Europe, Russia & Ukraine. He also tours with the pianist “Mitsch Kohn” in Europe & Israel.



Carrie has toured and/or collaborated with the likes of Damien Rice, Fink, Duke Special, Rumer, Carly Simon, Ben Taylor, Martha Tilston - even the prog rock band Marillion! She has been a known name on the UK alternative/green festival scene for several years playing regularly at festivals like Glastonbury, Sunrise, Shambala and Buddhafields, has travelled through many parts of the world with her music and regularly tours in parts of Europe.


Carrie Tree has been with us in Belgium for previous intimate concerts after Ecstatic Dance. Her voice is able to open your heart and let your soul come home.




While you think you are dealing with a full-blooded American singer-songwriter, it turns out to be Wouter Buyst from Antwerp. He feels extremely well at home in American roots music such as bluegrass, folk and country. In a relaxed tempo he accompanies himself on guitar and tells stories that are often about love and life. With instruments live guitar, banjo, harmonium, harmonica, accordion and overtone voice you will be surprised bij the beauty and power of Equinox the peacekeeper 




Los Callejeros wants to take everybody on a musical journey to different worlds, inspired by intercultural encounters, both local and international. With their incomparable sound of the world-mestizo beat, these globetrotting artivists will swipe you off your feet in an overwhelming party.
Every callejero adds his own musical identity to the melting pot, freely experimenting with Afro-latin grooves, Etnic-folkmusic, reggaeskanks, jazz and rock, balkan gipsy stuff and a pinch of European tears.


Los Callejeros has a reputation for being a heart-warming musical surprise.




Multi-Instru-Mentalist and Sound In-Gene-Hear, I have created The Panoramique Project gathering all my influences and skills....Surrounded by 5 handpans and a unique feet-drums, I will take you on an Acoustic Trance trip, travelling through Ethnic Grooves and melodies, with my fantastic guests, Adele B on didgeridoo/jawharp, Cendre Osmoza on vocals, and Sylvain Barou on flutes...Get onboard for a never ending refreshing and healing trip !!!

Jeremy played at the very first edition of Suntribe Festival back in 2017. His music and performance is pure magic on the dancefloor!






Trying to escape Irish traditional music, uilleann piper Stijn van Beek ended up at a folkbal in Nijmegen, looking for some shelter for the autumn cold of 2007. But apparently there was no escape and before he even managed to enter the dancefloor the haunting sound of the Irish pipes surrounded him once again, this time played by multi-instrumentalist Toon van Mierlo. As a result of this most remarkable meeting Toon and Stijn decided to start playing together with two renowned string-prodigies: Kaspar Laval and Jeroen Geerinck.
Hot Griselda was born. Hot Griselda hit the folkscene by surprise and hit it hard. Over the last 10 years the band has performed all over Europe and many people have become a fan of their own typical sound.


Welcome to Suntribe Fesitval! Early Bird Tickets are Soldout - at the moment we offer the 1st phase tickets. See the shop below or click here for the order website. These tickets will be sold-out soon, don't wait to long if you want to have cheaper présale tickets. Children under 10 have free entrance.

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