2 days of international top notch
inner growth workshops !

Raji Chorosophe



Gestures and sounds spring naturally from being; we are going to transmute, carve and transform them. 

Trance Lucid dance is the state of reality in which we live when everything is activated in full reunification of our senses, our sensorium, to remain conscious in the crossing of 

multiple states or trance dance, or dance trance.

Tamara Messenger



Free yourself from inner conditionning, deep blocages, familial heritage, survival reaction… with a powerful new method.

Quantum Liberation represents the best of both worlds: ancestral Toltec wisdom and an innovative, efficient, simple and fluid new method to free up inner blocages.

Tamara Messenger is one of the advanced “Toltec Dreaming” path mentors of don Miguel Ruiz. She teaches it in conjunction with Quantum Liberation, the liberation tool she has developed.

Connection, Expansion and Freedom in a Heart Flash

If you're intrested in workshops like personal development, yoga, dance, tantra, breathwork, creative arts and more than come and visit the Zen Temple at Suntribe Festival. We offer a 2 day program filled with high quality facilitators from around the globe! All workshops are included in your entrance ticket.

Tom Goldhand


(The Netherlands)

Tom Goldhand, founder of 'Sadhana Dance school' aims to increase ones awareness and

self exploration through Dance Improvisation, Authentic movement and Contact Improvisation. 

In Contact Improvisation we share the weight and dance with the physical attributes of gravity that effect two bodies in contact. We invite the other person to give their weight onto us, and we offer our own weight and body into them.

The word consent has become a wide used concept, and it was brought as well into the Contact Improvisation world. Consent means an active permission or an agreement for an invitation to receive or do something. It is the answer yes to an offer made by another person. In this workshop we will explore that field - of Non verbal and verbal consent in the realm of Contact Improvisation and sharing the weight.

You are all dancers... You just don't know it yet!

Henna Länsipää



Laughter is our innate benefits and resources. Without it, we can live, but it is so much drier without life. If you've let laugh out of your life - it's time to get it back.

Joy is the power of life. Laughter is a great way to be better and feel alive. It is the best icebreaker, it has numerous health effects, it activates the mind, decreases the level of stress hormones, cares for the heart and makes the blood circulate. It clusters with incredible efficiency and a strong sense of belonging.

Henna has long experience in pulling out laughing groups since 2009. Henna has trained over 100 new laughing drinkers in Finland and abroad since 2013. Henna is founder of our 'sisterfestival'

naturalhighfestival in Finland and she has the capacity to make you laugh like never before!

Laughter brings together, anger separates. It is time for unification!



Mitsch Kohn

Empower yourself and free your mind, voice and movement!

In this "ecstatic inner universe" - session you will encounter yourself deeply... it is an intense journey of self-awareness without distraction. You come into contact with both your light and shadow sides and learn to appreciate them without prejudice. Immersed in sound and accompanied by various exercises, you will learn to know your self-imposed limits, let your body speak to you in free movements and learn to make your voice sound naturally and freely.

Your soul core becomes more and more exposed, and behind all the masks and roles your pure being reveals itself more and more. You begin to feel and
express your TRUE impulses, despite all the fears and beliefs that may show up, and you allow yourself and the others true and free encounter.

Your inner and outer freedom and the deep feeling of "having arrived" will bring inner and outer abundance. Your soul sound, mediated through Mitsch´s intuitive playing, helps you to truly feel your essence and to integrate this connection into your life. Nothing else is more urgently needed at this time than you - connected with your deepest true core - and everything that no longer belongs to you, you may lovingly redeem from yourself.

In Love and Gratitude,


One step more to inner peace, freedom, gratitude and calmness.

Saar Wouters

Ruslan North



AcroYoga is a widely accessible, playful, but at the same time, challenging combination of Yoga, Partner Acrobatics, Movement and Therapeutic Exercises.


It is a social and consciousness awakening activity, which pushes one’s physical and mental boundaries, teaches to communicate, to work together, to stay connected, to trust in oneself and one’s surroundings.

In general, AcroYoga embraces 3 important roles:
- A Base, who carries a flyer
- A Flyer, who is carried by the base
- A Spotter, who guarantees the safety of the base and the flyer
In the run of a process, people discover their favorite roles: being a base, a flyer or maybe even both.

Ruslan and Saar - founders of AcroContactYoga team - are among the leading figures of the AcroYoga scene in Belgium, with a comprehensive gamma of classes, workshops, performances and many other events, on national and international levels.

For beginners, it is to discover that "they can do more than they think"

Sangeeta Kaur



Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of consciousness. In Kundalini yoga we develop our consciousness to experience our higher self, our "Sat Nam", our true identity. Kundalini yoga also develops your creative potential and your sense of joy, without having to have a complicated and unsustainable lifestyle.

Kundalini yoga is the "shortcut" yoga; it is the most efficient of all yoga forms because it works so quickly and fundamentally. You will see, feel and experience results in your life almost immediately.

Kundalini yoga is the "shortcut" yoga because it works so quickly and fundamentally

Kula Dance

Lene van Steenwinkel



Embark on a WILD journey...
Listen to the rythm and the wisdom of your body and the elements...

AIR opens your lungs and heart.
EARTH awakens your animal instinct.
FIRE helps you to set boundaries & to express your voice.
WATER teaches you to flow in your sensual body.
ETHER reminds you that we are One.

~~ Re-member – Re-wild – Re-connect ~~

Dance Anthropologist and -therapist Lene Van Steenwinkel created a unique elixir with ingredients of the four directions to bring you into an intimate conversation with your body, tribe & nature.

Lene’s transformative workshops are inspired by her personal experiences of passage rituals. She danced herself in trance with tribes of Vanuatu and received classes from masters in Butoh, Sufi & Aztec Dances, Haka, Kecak, and Sundance. At home she is searching for her own roots and learning about Celtic & Nordic Shamanism.

" An intimate dance with your body, tribe and nature "



Peter Klank

and Brecht Koch

In this workshop we journey trough the 5 elements, earth, water, fire, air and ether. We human beings exist out of these 5 components in different compositions and amplitudes. We use different yoga practices to make connection with these different qualities of life.

The stability and sense of grounding connected to earth, the fluidity and softness of water, the fierce and almighty fire, the all pervasive and connecting air, and the ether form which everything is born. The physical practice is supported by the sounds and atmospheres.

By actively practicing yoga you will uplevel your quality of life.

Eleke Raeymaekers

and Lut de Naeyer



In a time of big ecological and social challenges, we create space for hope instead of despair. The Work that Reconnects (TWR) helps us to transform fear and despair into inspiration and empowerment. It’s a true medicine for the soul. In times when time is money, where facts and separation are dominant, TWR reminds us that we are not alone in our care and love for the world. The earth exists for a very long time and we are connected with it. We will reconnect with ourselves, our inner power, our ancestors, each other and nature. To face and participate in these times, we need to gather all the resources, wisdom and support we can to sustain ourselves and our visions for new ways of doing and being in the world.


Experience the healing power of gratitude, find compassion in honoring your pain for the world, embrace your connections with each other and with the self-healing powers in the web of life, and realize your potential to make a difference.


This workshop will give a taste of TWR of Joanna Macy. Being inspired by buddhism, deep ecology and systems theory, she created this work 40 years ago and has dedicated her life ever since in the healing of this world. In this workshop we will be sitting but also move around, we will make connection with ourselves and with the other, there will be space for silence and for sharing with each other.


The workshop will be facilitated by Eleke and Lut from Labo vzw, an organisation that focuses on raising critical citizenship. In our workshops we also use the work of Augusto Boal, The Theatre of the Oppressed. It’s a very interactive way of using the body to work with certain emotions/situations and to explore posibilities from then onwards.

The central purpose of the Work that Reconnects is to help people uncover and experience their innate connections with each other and with the systemic, self-healing powers of the web of life, so that they may be enlivened and motivated to play their part in creating a sustainable civilization."  – Joanna Macy

Milou van Dormolen


(The Netherlands)

Trance via dance helps you to come into a state of heightened consciousness, while you remain firmly rooted with your feet on the ground to the beat of the drums.


The trance allows you to let the wisdom of your body speak and experience what your unconscious shows. What do you store in your body? The vibration of the drums will help you to move your energy so that the music and dance eventually bring you to inner silence.


What does the ritual look like? This session lasts more than 2 hours in total. You enter a trance with the help of a breathing technique in combination with movement. After dancing a mat is ready for you so that your trance experience can deepen during the reclining concert. Then we come along with singing bowls, a didgeridoo, shaman drum and singing. We tune our sounds to what we see, hear and feel among our participants, while we visit with instruments.

" Allow the trance to happen "

Tom Goldhand


(The Netherlands)

In this workshop we will bring our awareness to the ground and partner, partner and ground. We will explore the body of our partner as a moving ground, and the ground as a stable partner. In lifting, or sharing weight we can connect through our own bones and our partner's bones to the ground - once embodied, this quality can bring a very different sensations and qualities to our dance.

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